The 100M Run.

Awake is connecting family offices to co-create a new global economy.

100M jobs, 10 years, 1M entrepreneurs.

The need of the hour demands that we rise up to the challenges facing humanity. A new society is being birthed, and Awake is laying the foundations for a new open Internet for everyone.

The Future of Employment

AwakeVC is working with family offices all over the world to help build the future of the Internet. A new tech ecosystem is being woven together to create a level playing field that benefits everyone.

Applying Exponential Innovations to individual entrepreneurs, SMEs, and societal organizations allows for local market-based economies to transform society in the post-COVID world.

Join the Family

We are serial entrepreneurs turned investors turned custodians of the Future. The world has never before needed such coordinated action by so many.

By using advanced technology and AI, Awake Family is leading the charge in what we call Advanced Direct Early-Stage Investments around the world, starting with Silicon Valley, and Bangalore, India.

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